About Me

Hi! I’m Lisa. A photographer (my style is natural and photojournalistic) and writer with a passion for traveling in remote and unusual places.

I was a Weddings and Corporate Events Photographer in Melbourne, Australia, before I decided almost 2 years ago to pack everything up and go traveling and working around the world.

Now I spend as much of my time as possible meeting new people, exploring new cultures (one of my favourite ways of doing this is through traditional foods), and hiking – especially multi-day, long-distance treks. I absolutely love the peace and tranquility of being surrounded by the most incredible natural beauty in the middle of nowhere, and getting some good exercise in is always a bonus!

Of course, I always have my camera with me! So I hope you will join me on my exploration of this remarkable planet. Let's go...
Donkey and me at Punta Tapush - Cordillera Huayhuash

A few more things about me