Ridge Hike – Narsarsuaq – South Greenland

My transfer from Qassiarsuk to Narsarsuaq didn’t leave until 2pm, which meant that I didn’t really have time to do much of a hike at either place, despite the glorious weather!   Fortunately, the Ridge Hike (yellow in the below map) from Narsarsuaq is a relatively short hike up to a view of the Narsarsuaq Glacier (Kiattuut Sermiat), so I decided I would head out and do that one when I arrived.

Narsarsuaq hikes - South Greenland

Unlike some of the hikes I’ve done in previous days, it is a very easy trail to follow (no red dots, no need to follow contours) and the walking is not strenuous.  There was also tons of relatively tall vegetation lining the way – something very different to what I’ve become accustomed to over the past week or so.

You can't really miss the trail for the Ridge Hike

The Ridge Hike has a very easy-to-follow trail.

The added bonus – many of the wildflowers were out (Greenland has a lot them in the right season), so I took my time stopping and photographing them along the way.  “To stop and smell the roses, no matter what” is a philosophy I adopted about 2 years ago, and although these weren’t roses and didn’t have a smell, they were very pretty 😊  

Wildflowers - Ridge Hike - Narsarsuaq - South Greenland

In the end, the viewpoint overlooks the river, and the face of the glacier is hidden behind more rocky outcrops.

View from the Ridge Hike - Narsarsuaq - South Greenland

Still, it is a nice view of the sheet of ice with some spectacular-looking mountains in the background.

View of the glacier and mountains - the Ridge Hike - Narsarsuaq - South Greenland

So a nice gentle hike today – ready for the full hike to the face of the Narsarsuaq Glacier tomorrow 😊


Distance: ~7km

Time: ~2.5 hours

Notes:  Stop and admire the flowers 😊

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