Tanque de la Union – Antigua

The Tanque de la Union is one of the most famous landmarks in Antigua, Guatemala.  Originally a public “laundry” where the women would use the basins to wash clothes, it is now mostly a “lovers lane” for highschool kids.

It is absolutely gorgeous at night when it is lit up

Tanque de la union - Antigua, Guatemala
Tanque de la union - Antigua, Guatemala

And we also shot there on a Street Photography tour I did with Rudy Giron while I was in Antigua.  Love these kids sitting in the basins 🙂

Tanque de la Union - Antigua - Street Photography


My favourite street photography shot I took just after we’d finished the tour and right opposite the Tanque de la Union.    A very common sight in touristy areas 🙂

Tanque de la Union - Street Photography - Antigua, Guatemala

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