Hiking Greenland – Tasiilaq and Qaqqartivakajik mountain

Day 3 in Tasiilaq also started out completely foggy, so I headed out with two other girls – Lucia, a photographer staying in Tasiilaq for a month to photograph the area, and Nicole – to see the hide of a polar bear that had been shot about 2 weeks ago near town.  It wasn’t as big as I expected, but perhaps it wasn’t fully grown?

A Polar Bear skin draped over a verandah railing to dry in Tasiilaq, East Greenland

Then, given it was finally perfectly clear, we decided to tackle the mountain behind Tasiilaq – Qaqqartivakajik.  Robert said to head for the large satellite dish and then just keep going up the ridge to the top.  OK!   The first part wasn’t too difficult, and gave some great views of the colourful buildings of Tasiilaq (the largest settlement in East Greenland) against the backdrop of the fjord.

Looking down on the colourful buildings of Tasiilaq from a high vantage point, with the Tasiilaq Fjord and mountains in the background. East Greenland

This is the main commercial district of Tasiilaq

We discovered some unexpected lakes

Hidden Lakes on the way up Qaqqartivakajik mountain behind Tasiilaq, East Greenland

And had some great views of the fog that was lingering just outside the fjord.

Views of fog in the fjord on the way up Qaqqartivakajik mountain behind Tasiilaq, East Greenland

This is where Lucia and Nicole left me.  They headed back down and I kept going up.

In the end, I didn’t make it to the top.  I couldn’t find a path and it was bloody steep.  I stopped probably about 100m short and, given I couldn’t see how the view would change anyway, decided that was far enough.   The last thing I wanted was to fall and injure myself the day before I started the 12-day Unplugged Wilderness Trek!   From my stopping place, I had a spectacular view of the lakes that I’d explored yesterday on my hike in the Flower Valley.

Looking down at some small lakes in the Flower Valley. Near Tasiilaq in East Greenland.

View along the Flower Valley

And the lake I was going to hike to yesterday until I realized that the fog would have been obscuring it anyway.

Looking down from Qaqqartivakajik mountain onto a large lake near Tasiilaq - East Greenland

This was the lake I wanted to hike to yesterday

It was a gorgeous panorama!

Panorama of lakes, the Flower Valley and the Tasiilaq Fjord from most of the way up Qaqqartivakajik mountain, East Greenland

Panorama of lakes, the Flower Valley and the Tasiilaq Fjord from most of the way up Qaqqartivakajik mountain

I made my way carefully back down and ended up sitting out on the balcony of The Red House again, enjoying the evening light and watching the fog inch its way up the fjord.  

The edge of the Red House with its name in Greenlandic, overlooking the Tasiilaq Fjord - East Greenland

The view from deck of The Red House is amazing!

Distant view of 2 people sitting on a hill overlooking the Tasiilaq fjord watching the sunset - East Greenland

I wasn’t the only one watching the evening fade

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